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What Does a One Stop Shop Cleaning Service in Baltimore Entail
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What Does a One Stop Shop Cleaning Service in Baltimore Entail

Those long drawn sessions where mom explained in detail, the importance of a clean house, perhaps, didn’t ring a bell then, but now with a bunch of kids around the house, I certainly appreciate her advice.  The most important advice I remember from her, is that cleaning is never a once in a while job. It is a regular effort. But you’re like me, a working mom, I’m sure you’d agree, that this isn’t as easy anyone would think. I’ve found an ideal solution to this problem- hire from one of the several professional house cleaning companies in Baltimore.

There are plenty of companies in and around Baltimore that help with professional cleaning services for a modest fee.  You can either call them to get the entire house cleaned, or ask for cleaning of specific rooms. And for $5, you can get your refrigerators, oven, windows or patios cleaned. They can also help you with the carpet cleaning. Here’s a brief synopsis of the services provided by most cleaning service companies in Baltimore:

  • House Cleaning Services: Time starved moms are sure to appreciate this service. A typical house cleaning service provider can entail anything, from a regular mini clean to super house clean, and anything in between, including dry cleaning, changing light bulbs and even cleaning the ceilings. Ideally, you can expect the service provider to vacuum your carpet, wipe skirting boards/sills, clean doors and handles, mop floors, clean light switches, remove cobwebs, clean windows, dust surfaces, empty trash, clean mirrors, dust blinds, dust fans and fittings and also deodorize.

As earlier said you can also seek their help for specific cleaning, i.e. to clean stovetops in the kitchen, bench tops, appliance exteriors, bathroom sinks and taps, cupboard exteriors, clean and disinfect toilets, scrub wall tiles/grout etc.

  • Carpet Cleaning Service: The company that helps me with my house cleaning, also helps provides carpet cleaning in Baltimore. And for a little extra, they help me remove the stains in the carpet and clean the upholstery. Most cleaning companies help with fabric protection, water extraction service, vertical blinds cleaning, area rugs cleaning, pet odor/stains removal, lounge room carpet cleaning, dining room carpet cleaning, bedroom carpet cleaning, etc.
  • Window Cleaning: Window cleaning involves cleaning skylight cleaning, screen cleaning, residential cleaning, residential window cleaning, commercial window cleaning, new construction window cleaning etc. There are plenty of window cleaning companies in Baltimore that can help you with these services.

Besides home cleaning, you can also ask for their help to clean your office. Cleaning offices can be a tricky job, because it not involves cleaning the office, but also cleaning the lobbies, entrances, employee rest areas, etc.

The next time you’re fretting about the house being unclean and untidy, make sure you call a home cleaning service company.

About the Author: Finding the right house cleaning service company in Baltimore can be a challenge. The author runs a cleaning service company in Baltimore and has written several articles to help people understand about the different services in Baltimore, including window cleaning service in Baltimore.

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